A Wonderful Kind of Exhaustion


So I have been pretty sick for the past 8 weeks. The morning sickness came on strong and early at about 5 weeks. You won’t hear a word of complaint from me about it though; I am just happy to be pregnant and that things are working the way they are supossed to work. Megan, on the other hand, has every right to complain! I haven’t been a very fun or active mom. I do manage to get us out of the house a couple times a week, and I work hard to keep her entertained, but the days are not as fun for her as they could be.

This past week, Adam worked very few hours. On Monday we decided to take a trip up to my sister’s house. We didn’t tell Megan that we were going to her Auntie Ann’s until we were already on the way, and she was so excited!!! She literally shouted for joy. Megan loves spending time with her cousins. We were all excited for the much needed fun filled day.

After hanging out at the house for a while, we headed over to my sister’s in-law’s house for some swimming. Though I am not technically related to Ann’s mother and father-in-law, I still consider them family. It is always fun to spend time with them. Megan had a great time swimming in the kiddie pool with her cousin, Marshall.

We then grabbed an early dinner and got ready to head to the high school for my nieces’ dance recital. Sarah and Katherine’s dance program put on a rendition of Wizard of Oz that Megan just LOVED. She paid attention the entire time, and grew more and more interested with each scene. Today, almost a week later, she still talks about going to the dance recital.

Megan really had such a great day with her cousins. That night we tucked in one happy and exhausted girl. Each night we check in on Megan shortly after we put her to bed. That night, we found her asleep like this:

Every time I see this picture, I am reminded of the great day she had. I hope to put the morning sickness stage behind me soon so we can enjoy many more exhausting Summer days.

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  1. Love it. And, by the way, had you not mentioned that was Marshall I wouldn’t have even recognized him. He’s GROWN! Looks like a mixture of Coulson and Conley. Weird. Cute.

  2. how on earth can she sleep like that? amazing!
    glad your sick- really really glad!! 🙂 its hard being a pregnant tired sick mama, but i am convinced it is part of “the plan” for their little lives too- the first clue that somebody else is on the way and their world is about to expand and be shared. 🙂 its good for them. no worries!!

  3. Hey, we just got back from a long vacation, so I haven’t been caught up on your blog, but we’re so HAPPY about baby #3! Awesome news guys!

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