FOUR Years Old!!!


Sweet Megan turned four years old today. And what a wonderful day it was!!!

We started the day off by heading to the movies. Sometime a couple of months ago, Megan saw a preview for the movie “Toy Story 3” and learned that it would released on June 19th. Now you should know that our little girl is obsessed with dates and months, so she announced then that since the movie came out a week before her birthday, we would be going to see it for her birthday. I thought it was a great idea, so we were sure to include that in her birthday activities. It turned out to be such a good movie. We went with my sister and her family and EVERYBODY loved it: adults and children alike. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Megan with her cousins outside the theater

After lunch, we headed swimming. Megan loves to swim. It was the perfect day for it too, which was a relief for me because last night I dreamt that it snowed today so we couldn’t go swimming!! Yes, I tossed and turned all night worried that today would not be perfect for Megan. Everything turned out great though. After we finished swimming, an already exhausted Megan said to me, “let’s go home now and write in my journal and go to bed.” I reminded her that there were cake and presents that needed her attention, and she was able to forget how tired she was!

The final part of the day’s activities was the actual birthday party. We had pizza, watched a video about Megan’s fourth year of life, opened presents, and ate cake. Megan LOVED opening the presents. She has been looking forward to that part of her birthday for MONTHS. I don’t think it would have mattered WHAT she was opening, she just loved tearing away the paper to reveal a surprise. Later, however, she rediscovered her new treasures and was in HEAVEN!!

After gifts, we enjoyed birthday cake. Now, as a disclaimer, I didn’t put much effort into decorating the cake. I know, I know, I can do better. But for the last little while, I have been suffering from really bad neck and back pain. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to put a lot of effort into the cake decorating. Even the minimal amount I did put me in a world of hurt. Anyway, so Megan is obsessed with M&Ms. Not so much eating them, but just M&Ms in general. She loves watching M&M commercials on youtube, and carries an M&M calender with her wherever she goes. Also, she refers to herself as “The Green M&M”, and she calls me “Red M&M” and Adam “Blue M&M”. For example, in the morning she will come in my room and find Adam already gone for work. She will ask, “Red M&M, where is Blue M&M?” SO…for her cake, I just decorated it with green M&Ms. I also made little cupcakes and decorated them with different color M&Ms. Not super impressive, but a big hit nonetheless.

Today was absolutely wonderful, and a lot of people made that happen. Thanks to all for the phone calls, cards, messages, and gifts. And a big thank you to my sister and her family who opened their home to us today! I know that Megan had a pretty good idea of just how special she really is…

I am not sure she will ever quite understand just how much she is loved. A love like that is impossible to describe. We sure love our little four year old, and are so grateful she is in our life.


We love you to the moon!


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  1. She is soooooooooo gorgeous! The M&M names crack me up. hahah. She’s so smart! The cake and cupcakes looked great!!!! Sorry about the back/neck pain. Good excuse for a massage :)…. Happy Birthday Megan!!!!

  2. What a fun birthday celebration. What a fun four-year-old.
    Happy birthday Megan!

  3. What a beautiful girl! I’m in LOVE with her birthday dress! Can’t wait to see you guys!!!!


  5. love the cake…and the story behind it! looks like she had a great birthday!!

  6. What sweet pics, I love trying to make the whole day special for my kiddos, too.

    you’re such an awesome Mommy. 🙂

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