Fourth of July Weekend in Viva Las Vegas


We headed to Vegas for Independence Day weekend. My newest neice, little Cora Jean, was given a name and a blessing on Sunday, July 4th. We had a really wonderful weekend. Here are some highlights.

Johansons meet baby Cora:

On our way there Adam and I talked about how baby Cora is the same age Jack was when he passed away. I wondered if that would affect me emotionally at all. Fortunately (or unfortunately) Jack’s body was not the body of a 6 week old when he died as he was very swollen and much larger than normal, so holding Cora was not at all like holding little Jack. Which made it easy for me to hold her lots and lots…which I did!

The weekend was filled with swimming…lots and lots of swimming…

Adam and the boys (I mean “men”) hit the lake Saturday morning:

Cora’s was given a beautiful blessing by her father. The entire family (besides Sam) was able to be in attendance.

All of Megan’s Marshall cousins were present. The only Marshall grandchild not pictured is Baby Jack.

ONE Down…

FOUR to go…

Baby Cora was the first of the 2010 Marshall grandbabies. Four more are on the way (Ann in August, Kari and Tracy in October, and my little one in December.) My baby will be the twenty-first Marshall grandbaby, and will also break the 10-10 boy/girl tie!

The last of the holiday celebrations was the fireworks. The kids had a great time with the sparklers!

It is weird to think that we moved to Las Vegas almost one year ago, and it has been almost five months since we left. 2010 is sure flying by! We had such a great weekend in Vegas. Can’t wait for the next big family get together!!

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  1. Megan holding Cora is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! And your pregnant belly is pretty cute too! Love the picture of all the expecting ladies

  2. LOVE IT!! What an amazing family you have. And you look sooooo great! What a happy little baby bump!

  3. Thanks for making the effort to come. And, I know it was an effort anytime Loren is involved. JK.

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