Once a Year


Last May, I was able to get together with my dear friend Heather for the first time in over three years. Heather and I were college roommates at good old BYU, and of the sixteen total roomates I had throughout college (most of whom I still keep in touch with via blogs and facebook) Heather is the one I have remained closest with.

Heather and Me, 2003

Well, last week, Heather and I were able to get together again. A family reunion brought Heather to Utah, and we were able to spend the better part of a day together. Our children had never met before, so Megan got to meet her future husband, Andrew, as well as his adorable and sweet brother, Baby Evan. Heather also spoiled me by treating me to a yummy lunch at Kneaders: where I have never been, but will definitely be visiting again (maybe tonight…).

Megan and Andrew

Heather never lets me forget how important my friendship is to her. She calls and emails often and is quick to uplift my spirits when I am down. I am so glad that she has worked so hard to maintain our relationship over the years. Friends like her are extremely hard to find.

Heather and Me, 2010

If I am lucky, maybe our physical paths will continue to cross at least once each year!

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  1. I miss you already. I want you close. Andrew wants Megan close. I need that picture. Your totally hot.

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