Calendar Girl


How badly I wish I could see/understand the inner workings of Megan’s mind.

For the past little while, she has been obsessed with calendars. She loves everything about days, months, years, even time. Each morning she bounds into our room and declares the day and time. Daily she reminds us of upcoming moon phases, holidays, birthdays, or days passed and what we did on those days.

Like everything Megan focuses her attention on, it didn’t take long before her interest in calendars turned into something even more remarkable. I noticed that Megan could hear a date, any date, and tell me what day of the week it was on. For example, if an activity was announced in Sacrament meeting, Megan would tell me “August 21st? That’s a Saturday!” Or when asking a friend their birthday: “October 3rd? That’s a Sunday!”

At first I was skeptical. So I pressed her. Here’s what I got:

I honestly don’t know if she has the entire calendar memorized (which would not surprise me) or if she has many days memorized and just figures out the other dates from those days, OR if she can just calculate it all in her mind (which would surprise me a little, but not that much).

I love, love, LOVE the unique things Megan can do! I definitely have my hands full with this little gal.

Speaking of which, she is currently all comfy cozy in my bed using daddy’s laptop to search things on Wikipedia. I better go monitor that situation…


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  1. AMAZING!!! truly incredible!!! I can’t even remember what day TODAY is!!!!! i wonder if there are some groups or organizations to get in contact with because she is obviously VERY talented! there was just a special on ABC not too long ago about people and their amazing abilities.
    if nothing else get her on ELLEN! She gives great gifts when she has these amazing kids on!!! SERIOUSLY!! GO FOR IT!

  2. 2 thoughts:

    1) I am sad that Christmas is on Saturday. That eliminates day after Christmas shopping, which I adore.

    2) Megan is sooooo special. What an amazing little girl. Of course, you already knew that!!!

  3. I SO, SO, SO wish William and Megan lived close enough to play together. It would be fascinating to watch. This is yet another way in which they are so similar. He, too, LOVES calendars– maybe it’s partly their fascination with all things related to numbers– and in particular, he likes to figure out which days of every month are Sundays. Last November, he was really intrigued that we didn’t get mail on Veteran’s Day, and then wanted to know ALL the days on which we don’t get mail…

    Well, I won’t go on. I’m NOT trying to steal Megan’s thunder! And, by the way, I don’t think William’s recall for dates is that fast. She is AMAZING.

    Oh, and he hasn’t discovered Wikipedia yet, but we REALLY have to watch him when he sneaks on to Google to do a search– yet another similarity, eh?

  4. Wow, that is unreal. I knew the sweetest guy in HS who could do that, but he was autistic. Like you, I wonder how her brain is doing that!! Great video. 🙂

  5. That’s crazy! She is so smart and not to mention, adorable! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I also loved your previous post about being pregnant. I all too often say that I do not enjoy being pregnant, but I really do love it when I can feel him move. It makes me feel like a mother already and I love that part of being pregnant. Thanks for always reminding me to look at the eternal perspective of things; I love reading your blog.

  6. Holy hannah. Holly told me about this video, and I had to see it myself. Amazing!

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