I’ve Got the Blues


Megan looks a lot like her mom (that’s me).

From the day of her birth, I have heard over and over again that she is a little miniature me. It is something that I love hearing. I always took it as the ultimate compliment…who wouldn’t want to be likened unto such a beauty (Megan being the beauty)???

With time, however, she has come to resemble her daddy more and more. She still looks like me – a lot – but as she has grown older, we can see more of Adam in her. I don’t mind it. She just gets more and more gorgeous, so I don’t care from whom she gets what trait (although, it would be nice to be able to take all the credit!!).

One thing, however, that I hoped I would pass on to Megan is my eye color. I have always loved having blue eyes, so I was delighted to discover that Megan was born with the most beautiful blue eyes, and they stayed that way for several years. Not too long ago, however, Adam noticed that her eyes were looking less and less blue and more and more green…like his. I refused to believe it!! I LOVED her blue eyes!!

I have finally decided that I can deny it no longer…Megan’s eyes are no longer blue. Of course, they are still strikingly beautiful, just.like.her…But they are a strikingly beautiful green instead of blue.

I’m still told that she looks just like me. And I still love hearing it. I’ll miss seeing my eyes mirrored in her own. But I wouldn’t change one thing about her. She’s just too beautiful.


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  1. I’m glad that the title is referring to your eyes! Megan is such a doll – thanks so much for all the family updates. Look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

  2. I have green eyes and Jon has blue. I love my green eyes and brown hair so I always wanted a green eyed girl with brown hair. I didn’t get either with Lilah, but Eden has my dark hair, or will once she’s older. She does have blue eyes though, which sometimes disappoints me, but you’re right, you look at your child and how beautiful they are and you don’t care who gave them that trait.

  3. She is a beauty!! And Allison and Michelle’s eyes were blue for the longest time and we noticed last year that they were green. About the same timing as Miss Megan … but in our house, I have green eyes like Matt, so it is a good thing!! 🙂

  4. I’m so glad to see a post…I’ve been hoping to hear from you soon, in some form. Yes, Megan is beautiful and would be with any color eyes. YES she still looks like a mini Elizabeth…and yes, that means you are beautiful too! 🙂 I’m starting to think Evan’s blues are changing too…I was really hoping for my blue eyed boy to stay, but looks like he will be another striking green…just like Megan’s husband. sweet.

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