The Seven Days of Summer


Early last month, Adam came home from work and asked me if I wanted my birthday present early. Little known fact about me: I always want my birthday presents early. Who doesn’t?? Adam, that’s who. In fact, whenever it is a gift giving season (birthday, anniversary, Christmas, etc.) I always ask Adam if he wants his gifts as soon as I have them ready. He always says no. I always ask if I can open my presents early and he always says…no. So when he asked me if I wanted my present several weeks in advance, at first I thought he was just being mean. But then I remembered that he’s never mean. So of course I got excited and said yes and was anxious to know what he had in store for me.

So then Adam told me that he and his parents wanted to combine forces (and money and love) to buy Megan, Adam, and myself season passes to Seven Peaks. I thought this was an awesome idea, and was totally thrilled. Since that night, Megan and I have spent at least three days a week at Seven Peaks, and Adam has been able to join us more often then expected. It has been such a wonderful treat for all of us, and probably ranks up there with some of the best birthday presents I have ever gotten.

Megan has LOVED our trips to Seven Peaks. I don’t know what we did every day before we had the passes, and I don’t know what we are going to do once the season ends…but in the meantime…it has been a great Summer activity. Thanks Mom and Dad Johanson!! Happy Birthday to me…over and over and over again!!!


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  1. What a great gift! I remember going to Seven Peaks when I was little and we lived in Provo. It looks like Megan had a blast.

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