Only 4 more months…122 more days…17 more weeks…


Wait? Haven’t I given a post that title before?

I decided that it’s time to post another photo. This time, I went back to compare how I looked at this point with Jack. For fun, I took it one step further and decided to wear the same thing I was wearing then.

23 Weeks With Jack

23 Weeks With Boy Dos

I’m now twenty-three weeks pregnant. I continue to feel like the time is going pretty fast. We’ve all heard it a million times; women saying that the pregnancy goes so slow and then the time with the newborn babe goes too fast. I’m really hoping I might be the one exception!

I feel pretty good. There are times that my back acts up, but nothing compared to Jack’s pregnancy. Lately I have been pretty happy. I love walking past my reflection and seeing my pregnancy figure. I’ve admitted that I have gained more weight than I should, but it’s less then I have in the past, and for the most part, I feel strong and healthy.

Megan has been so sweet with this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Jack she had no clue what was going on, nor did she really care. This time she loves to talk and sing to her brother. She talks about our baby all the time. She makes silly jokes about him and gives him silly names. She told me recently that she hopes that our baby is born on his due date, because it is the day of the Winter Solstice and first day of Winter. She sure keeps us on our toes. I am excited to see how she interacts with her brother when he arrives.

I never grow tired of feeling my little guy kicking and moving. I am anxious to start getting his room ready, but we will probably wait until I am a little further along…no reason to rush anything!

Well, that’s our little update. We are all happy, healthy, and feeling extremely blessed!


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  1. You look great Liz. How sweet is little Megan? I bet she’s so excited. I love the updates, so keep them coming. xoxo

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