My Little Geniuses (or is it Genii?)


Well, today wrapped up Megan’s second week of preschool. She absolutely LOVES it! She is so anxious and excited to go each morning, and she is so happy and pleasant when she gets home.

Several weeks ago, we had Megan tested for some developmental delays. It turns out that Megan is not developmentally “delayed” in any areas, but there was some concern when the results came back that she was remarkably far above average in intelligence while only scoring average in the areas of communication and social. The reason why Megan struggles socially and with communication is because the gap between these two areas and her intelligence is just so wide. I think the exact words used by the speech language pathologist were “her mind is just moving TOO fast”.

It was highly recommended that we put Megan into the preschool program that she is now attending. Adam and I had already been considering the idea, and after this testing we felt really strongly that it was what she needed. So far we have been thrilled with the results. Megan has already shown some subtle improvement. Things can only get better and better.

About the same time that Megan was doing her testing, Adam was also taking a pretty big test. PhD candidates have to take a PhD qualification exam in order to finish school with a PhD. They are given three chances to take the test, the first chance being before they even start the program, the other two chances take place during their schooling. If they don't pass the test after the three chances (which does happen), then they don't get their PhD. Well, I am pleased to announce that Adam found out yesterday…very much to his surprise…that he passed the test on the first try!! He still has several difficult years of the program ahead, but at least the test is out of the way. Congratulations Adam! I knew you could do it!!

If you ask Megan how she got so smart, she will reply: "Have you seen my dad? He's a rocket scientist!" I just love those two smarties!

In my defense, if you ask her how she got so beautiful she replies: “Have you seen my mom? She’s a fox!”
I’ll take it!


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  1. I LOVE “have you seen my dad, he’s a rocket scientist” what a fantastic response! and you are definitely a fox!! how cute. you’re are doing so great with a child with unique needs. lee is in the 1st percentile of a child with his academic abilities and his IQ (as in, not in a good way). it’s great to have those quantitative numbers to show to teachers; makes it much easier to demand accommodations 🙂

  2. He probably didn’t even have to study for it did he. Such a smartie pants. And, congrats on Megan doing a great job at preschool. She’s such a cutie.

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