First School Presentation!


Today Megan’s preschool class put on a short presentation for their parents. This morning I was both excited and nervous about the prospect of seeing what Megan was “really like” in the school setting.

I have to say that I was pretty proud of my little girl today. No, I don’t believe that I am “prideful” regarding Megan and how awesome she is, but I definitely hold my head a little higher and my shoulders a little straighter just knowing that I am her mom. She was so fun to watch today. She was a little chatterbox during the presentation (each child stood up and told their name, their favorite food, their favorite thing to do, and their favorite color) and while I don’t condone her behavior (I kept motioning for her to keep quiet), she sure said some clever and hilarious things which earned chuckles from EVERYONE within earshot. Even I had a difficult time keeping a straight face.

Megan absolutely loves preschool. Every morning I threaten that she is staying home with me because I miss her too much and every morning she tells me she is going to school no matter what. Watching her today and seeing how brightly she shined was further testament to me that this is the right thing for her.

I sure love that little lady!!!

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