Hooray!! Baby Trey Eli Marshall arrived last night weighing in at eight pounds fifteen ounces!! I am so excited for Tyson and Kari!

Their little boy Owen is just two months older than our Megan, and little Trey will be just two and half months older than our new little guy. I love it!

Speaking of Owen…that sweet little boy decided to arrive in the front seat of his parent’s car! Tyson and Kari were dropping off their oldest child at the sitter before heading to the hospital, and while waiting in the car, Kari delivered Owen herself!! Can you believe it?

We’re so happy that Trey arrived safe and sound and in the way that was planned! Kari was a rock star and is also doing great! Congrats again Tyson and Kari!! Can’t wait to meet him!

Trey is cousin 28 for Megan!!! Adam’s brother Jake and his wife Cami are expecting a baby in April of 2011 to make it number 29!

I wonder who will be number 30!!


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  1. Yeah for babies! Trey is so cute. He looks like a Marshall doesn’t he? I think that’s cool, because as you know, I have a little girl that looks NOTHING like a Marshall or a Vidal. Ah well! Only a few more weeks left for you!

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