First Field Trip!


Today Megan’s preschool took a field trip out to “PumpkinLand”. Parents were invited to meet them there and spend the morning with their little ones. Although I told Megan that I would be there, she was still so pleasantly surprised to see me when she stepped off the bus. And although I have been her mom for four years plus, I was still so happy to spend the morning with her.

Megan and I had fun checking out all the pumpkins and different Fall vegetables, and we also enjoyed the corn maze…for the most part. We (along with most of the other people there) could not make our way to the end of the maze. We ended up returning to the entrance and going around the perimeter to the playground at the end of the maze. There was also a little haunted house and some small animals. We had a great time.

For the most part, Megan wanted to stick with her class. I tried to not to take it too personally, and instead was just grateful that she loves preschool so much. While walking with the group, one of her teachers said to me, “by the way, your daughter is incredibly brilliant!” I wasn’t sure how to respond…so I just said “thanks” and said we sure love her and the fun things she can do.

Megan didn’t want to go home with me afterwards, and instead wanted to take the bus. When they dropped her off at home a little later, I asked her (as I do everyday) what was her favorite part of school. She replied: “the pumpkin patch, with Mommy!!!”


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  1. Andrew had his first field trip today too! It was to a Pumpkin Farm, but I wasn’t invited so I don’t have any cute pictures. Andrew loved these pictures and picked little Megan right out of the crowd…she’s the cutest one of them all!

  2. Sometimes the best thing about moms is that they’re there just in case you need them.

  3. Ok, so this may sound crazy, but I had no idea you are in Provo right now! We are in Orem and Camden and I recently went to Pumpkinland where we could also not find our way through the corn maze! And Camden was bit by one of those goats–I’m sure you saw them. Anyway, that’s so fun that you were able to go as well! I hope you are feeling well!

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