needing to get ready…but this time for a different reason…


The way our house is designed, there is a little room right off the Master Bedroom with only a walk-way in between the two rooms and no door. I think the room was originally meant to be a little study – which is what we used it for when we first moved in, or maybe it was even meant to be a little nursery – which is what we are using it for now. The actual door in the Master Bedroom leads to the entry way/living room, while the door in the “nursery” leads to the kitchen and bathroom. I inevitably walk through the little room several times each day as I go from my room to the kitchen or bathroom.

Up until about eighteen hours ago, the room was totally ready to welcome a little baby boy tenant. It was heart wrenching to walk through the room, and even if I avoided walking through, the room was still clearly visible from the walkway in my own room. I decided that I needed to just get in there and get the boy stuff packed away and get it ready for our little girl. After all, she is due to arrive in less than six weeks, which would have probably flown by pretty fast regardless, but now with all the new preparations and “setting-in” that needs to be done…she seriously will be here before we know it.

I don’t have a large budget to work with when it comes to getting ready for this little lady. Before our twenty-week ultrasound, we were pretty set for either a boy baby or a girl baby. When we were told that we were expecting a boy, I gave all my baby girl stuff to my two sisters who were both expecting girls, and what they didn’t want/wasn’t-really-worth-keeping-anyhow, I donated to our stake’s clothing drive and D.I. Aside from the more special items that belonged to Megan, I literally kept NOTHING for a baby girl. It’s not that I was so certain that I wouldn’t have another girl someday, it’s just that I recognized that I would probably want new things when/if that time came, and also my sisters told me that they would have plenty to give to me when I needed it.

So when I set out to get her room done, I knew I could only get a couple of things and then tie it all together with what I already had to work with. I decided to move a little loveseat that we had down in Megan’s room up to the baby’s room and used that as well as a sage green bookcase that we already had in the baby’s room as my inspiration for the rest of the room:

After hitting just two stores, I was able to put everything together to create this:

The room is not large, so it is difficult to get a good picture, but you get the idea. To take the picture, I was standing in the doorway that leads to the kitchen and the walkway to our room is just to my left (just to give you an idea of the set-up).

Anyway, I know it’s not anything incredible or anything, but I am very pleased with the way it turned out. The only items that I purchased yesterday were the curtains, the crib bumper and the crib dust ruffle. We already had the crib, and changing table (which is actually more feminine than masculine anyway) and Megan still sleeps in a toddler bed, so I used one of her sheets for the crib mattress, and took the loveseat, pillows, and rug from her room. The ragtime blanket drapped over the crib was given to me from my mom when Megan was born, and it ties the pink and sage colors together just perfectly.

The room has lifted my spirits just the amount necessary, and walking through/peaking in makes me so happy and so excited for my little girl. I still can’t believe I am going to have another daughter in just about forty-days!!! Wow.


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  1. It looks beautiful. What a completely lucky little girl. I cannot wait to see her. You are such a great mom!!!

  2. soooo beautiful! i can see how that gorgeous pink room would make your spirits soar, its going to be amazing seeing this little angel in there!

  3. So darling on such a modest budget!!! I can’t wait to meet baby Jane, and I know she can’t wait to meet her favorite Auntie!!

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