Jane was one of the names that has been on our baby list for the past couple of years as we have ached for another child.

When I found out that I was pregnant in April of this year, of all the names we had discussed, I randomly decided to look up the meaning of the name “Jane”. When I discovered that the meaning was “God is Gracious”, I was filled with such emotion. Of course my experiences over the past year and a half had intensified my testimony of the graciousness of God, and that truth was something I held so close to my heart.

While the truthfulness of that statement (God is gracious) hit me with such sweet emotion and force, it wasn’t that alone that solidified our decision to name our baby Jane if she was a girl. After all, there are plenty of baby names that testify of God and His goodness and grace. No, the name was solidified that morning because it just so happens that her angel brother’s name means the exact same thing. Boy or girl, we wanted our baby’s name to have special meaning, and if possible somehow have a tie to Jack’s name.

When we were told that we were having a boy, we obviously no longer considered using the name “Jane”. But when we were later told that our baby WAS a girl, then there was no question about whether or not she would be baby Jane.

We didn’t even know that Jane and Jack meant the same thing when we were considering Jane’s name, and we probably would have still named her Jane even if the names didn’t have that relationship. But what a special tie she will have to her big brother Jack and what a sweet reminder her name will be to all of us of the “Grace of God”.

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  1. wonderful! this whole post gave me chills. i LOVE your testimony and faith and willingness to testify of HIM in all things, you are lovely!!!

  2. Wow! Serious chills. That is just perfect. Our Elizabeth/Libby’s middle name is Jean, which has the same root as Jane. We actually considered Jane, but Libby’s birth came less than a year after the angel day of her stillborn cousin, Amelia Jayne. Jean felt much more appropriate. Aside from the tie to family, Jean was perfect because of the meaning. We fell in love with it, especially combined with the meaning of Elizabeth.

    What a perfectly fitting name for your sweet baby girl! Any time now! Eeeek!

  3. Sweet Baby Jane is on her way! Can’t wait! Can’t wait to get June, Jean and Jane together. How fun.

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