6 More Days?


Well, Jane’s due date is exactly 6 days away. And actually, today is pretty much over so it’s more like five days away.

I have finally grown very anxious for her arrival. I can hardly wait to meet her, and I am ready to be done being pregnant. I am not the most glamorous pregnant woman (in fact, far from it) so I am ready to be myself again. Also, Adam is pretty much done with school for the semester. The sooner Jane arrives, the more unadulterated time he gets to spend with her before the new semester starts. And also, Christmas is ten days away…it be nice to enjoy Christmas with our newest babe.

All that being said, however, I am just fine waiting for Jane to arrive when she is ready. Nothing is more important to me than her safe and healthy arrival, so at this point, I am feeling pretty patient. The only thing is, my doctor will not allow me to go more than a week over my due date. Right now we are planning on a non c-section delivery, but if Jane doesn’t arrive – on her own – by December 28th, then she will have to be delivered via c-section on that day. In order to make a non c-section delivery most safe and successful, I can not be induced. So, like I said, if she doesn’t arrive on her own within a week of my due date, then I have to have a repeat c-section (Megan was not a c-section baby, but Jack was delivered via emergency c-section).

The other thing is…the anniversary of Jack’s death is December 29th. I don’t know how I feel about having Jane’s birthday and his death day so very close together. I can see how it could be sweet and special, but I can also see how the two dates need to be more distinct and separate. So you can see how it would be easiest if Jane would just arrive on her own. Sooner than later!

Anyway, at the very latest, we will have a new baby in our family in thirteen short days (and since today is almost over…it’s more like only 12 more days!). I don’t think anyone has anticipated the arrival of a child more than I am at this time (well, Mary might have been pretty anxious and all those others who were anticipating the birth of the Savior…okay, but still…I am REALLY looking forward to this!) I have been waiting for years to hold my own precious new baby in my arms. I guess I can wait twelve more days.

39 Weeks and 1 (almost 2) days Pregnant


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  1. I’ve been thinking about you today, and wondering how you’re feeling now that you’re so close to Jane’s arrival.

    I know Megan hopes that Jane comes on the Solstice (and oh, that sounds like something William would wish for too!), but I think it would be pretty cool if she came tomorrow, on Jane Austen’s 235th birthday. 🙂

    I can so understand your feelings about the timing of her birth. Our baby is due the day we buried Isaac, which is so hard. And if he comes a week early, he’d be born on the day Isaac died. I just keep telling myself that it is good to have something so sweet to look forward to in January, despite my apprehension.

    I have to say that I think you look fabulous. I, on the other hand, look ENORMOUS and have people asking me if I’m sure I know my true due-date. Sigh.

  2. I think you look great! It’s wonderful to read you’re patiently waiting, but I hope she arrives soon.

  3. can’t wait to hear soon! you look FANTASTIC (and that’s not just an obligatory comment – you really do!) I can tell you that, 10 years ago, when Josie was born 10 days before christmas, it ended up being my most favorite christmas — a baby at christmas time was just awesome

  4. oh my goodness, you are sooooo dang CUTE! I can only imagine the anticipation level! The last couple weeks for me are always torture, but she’ll arrive when she’s supposed to, they always do- even if they’re taken out. EVERY TIME for like the past month, I open this I am hoping to see her birth announcement, so here is to her getting ready to make an appearance- safe and sound!!! 🙂 MUCH LOVE TO YA!

  5. Have you considered the income tax implications of having Jhanard in December instead of January?

  6. Jhonard? Hilarious. Counting down the days here as well. I’m thinking it’ll be the 20th.

  7. You look AMAZING!!!! I’m so excited for you and your little family. I’m like Shannon, Dylan’s birthday is the day after Christmas. I was in false laborall night Christmas Eve and real labor most of Christmas day but it was the funnest Christmas ever. New babies are so fun. We struggle with his birthday now but we try to make it really special for him. Good Luck and I can’t wait to hear when she makes her grand entrance.

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