Well…Baby Jane has not yet arrived!!!

My doctor has said from the start that he would only let me go one week over. So…that’s tomorrow.

Initially he told me that they could do NOTHING to induce me, but at my last appointment, he told me that before just jumping in and doing a c-section, he would break my water and maybe even give me a low, low, low, pitocin drip and see how things progress. He also told me that I should just expect to have an epidural because he wants me immediately ready for a c-section if need be. I had not been planning on having an epidural (if I could avoid a c-section), but I totally understand/see the logic of it being required. I hadn’t had an epidural with Jack, and when they decided they needed to do the emergency c-section, they lost plenty of precious time waiting for me to numb. I do not expect things to go that way this time, but I am all for being as prepared as possible if they do.

So anyway, the hospital called me to today and did some paperwork stuff over the phone and told me that they would call me bright and early tomorrow morning and tell me what time to come in. So…that’s the plan for now. Obviously I am hoping to go in first thing and have my baby by the end of the day, but we’ll not know the schedule until tomorrow. I am so anxious to meet this little lady. Sometimes my gut feeling is that this little girl is just going to be as sweet as they come, but then from the way her pregnancy has been, I imagine I am going to have a little mischievous jokester on my hands. Only time will tell.

When I opened up my blog tonight, I was planning on writing about all the fun Christmas activities we have done over the past few weeks because I don’t know if I will get to it after Jane arrives. But it’s now too late and I am sooooo tired and I think I might have a long day ahead of me tomorrow so I better just go to bed. So…if I don’t ever write about Christmas, just know that we did LOTS of fun things and we had a GREAT holiday!!!


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