About an hour after Jane was born, they took her away to do the standard newborn tests. Adam went with her, and later he reported that the nurse mentioned several times how strong Jane’s neck was.

She wasn’t kidding.

Jane at 15 days old

Jane at 18 days old.

Shortly after her birth, Adam and I were discussing how wonderful it was that so many of our “Jane related” prayers were answered. We prayed that I wouldn’t have to have a c-section. We prayed that she would be healthy and strong. We prayed that she would be a good-sized newborn and a good eater. All of those desires (and many others) were granted us. AND, we didn’t even have to pray that she would be beautiful or that she would be so peaceful and sweet or that she would be such a good sleeper, and yet we have received those blessings as well!

It is no surprise that little Jane, who is such a source of strength to our family, is such a strong little lady.

We sure are lucky to have her in our family!!


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  1. Oh Elizabeth….she is just GORGEOUS! I’m aching to kiss those beautiful pink cheeks! What a special little lady…

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