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Weather: Whether You Like it or Not!


Yesterday was so beautiful, that we just had to go to the park. In fact, after Megan pronounced she was done at the park, I suggested we go to another because it was just too nice of a day to waste at just one park. The girls both had a blast and soaked up some much needed Vitamin D!

This morning we woke up to quite the opposite scene!! It must have snowed forty inches last night!! Well, we decided to make the best of it, and spent the morning playing outside. We’re definitely ready for Spring, but we also enjoy some good healthy snow play!

Don’t worry, Jane spent all of about 5 seconds outside before I rushed her into the warmth. Megan, on the other hand, played outside for quite a while and then enjoyed a nice hot shower!



Sunday morning was Jane’s Blessing Day. Her daddy took her in his arms and formally placed her name on the records of the church as well as gave her a beautiful blessing.

We are so grateful to all of the family and close friends who came from far and near to be a part of Jane’s special day. We were surrounded by loved ones all weekend and it was wonderful. Jane must be pretty darn special to have drawn such a large crowd.

One thing that is certain, babies do not come any sweeter or happier than Jane. She is an absolute joy. We have felt so strongly since she was born that throughout her life she will be one who will bring happiness to others. Adam was impressed with the same thoughts as he blessed her:

“You have brought so much joy into the hearts of your family. It is apparent that you are one that has been blessed with an ability and spiritual gift to bring happiness into the lives of others.”

“In a time when men’s hearts are cold and there is a lot of negative feelings towards one another, we bless you with the ability to be able to use the spirit to disperse those negative feelings and replace them with positive feelings and to bring joy into the hearts of men.”

I can’t express how blessed and lucky I feel to have Jane in our family. We thank our Heavenly Father each day for entrusting us with such a sweet spirit. We love our Jane and are truly a happy family.

A Day at the Park


We had a few days of warmer weather this past week. For two days Megan was able to play outside! Yesterday, I took both girls to the park. I have never seen Megan enjoy the park more!!

Jane was a little less enthusiastic about being outside. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing and she decided she oughta just go to sleep. She’ll often make a fist and suck on her hand when she wants to sleep. Ever the sweetheart, she was out about two minutes after we arrived.

We definitely have Spring Fever in this house! Looking forward to warmer days ahead!

2010: Year of the *Marshall* Babies!


Itty-bitty fingers, teeny tiny toes,
Chubby chunky cheeks, and little binky nose,
Feather fuzzy head, happy angel smile,
Baby, little baby, play with me awhile.

Rosy-petal skin, widest open eyes,
Little monkey giggles, elephanty cries!
Doughy dimpled hands, kissy kicky feet,
Baby, little baby, you are oh, so sweet.

Hooray for babies! Hooray, hooray!
Hooray for babies! And we will say,
“As the newest people here,
You are welcome, you are dear!”
We will shout and clap and cheer!
Hooray for babies!

– Melanie Hoffman

Cora Jean Vidal: 20 May 2010

Norine Ann Harris: 1 August 2010

Tate Leon Marshall: 20 September 2010

Tr3y Eli Marshall: 2 October 2010

Jane Johanson: 28 December 2010

(Thank you to my sister Sarah who provided the onesies, and the pictures!)

Jumping Jacks (by Megan)


Yesterday we went to Jumping Jacks.

Jumping Jacks was fun.

Mom took some photos of me going down the big slide and the little slide. Daddy took some photos too.

After Jumping Jacks we went to Burger King because mommy didn’t want to cook dinner.

Here are the photos from Jumping Jacks. We didn’t take any photos at Burger King.


41 days


Jane is forty-one days old today.

For 41 days I have held her, kissed her, and rocked her to sleep.

I have bathed her, burped her, changed hundreds of her diapers.

I nurse her when she is hungry,
and at night she sleeps in my arms.

I have dressed her in comfy pjs, cute little outfits, and sweet Sunday dresses.

I am completely enamored by Jane. I love her more than I could have ever imagined.

And then some.

41 days may seem a weird occasion to celebrate.

But Jack only lived for 41 days.

I never bathed him. Never dressed him. I changed a grand total of one of his diapers.

Instead of nursing my child, I pumped milk every two hours, 24 hours a day.

I never saw his eyes, never heard him cry; was never granted even one sweet smile.

I never held Jack during his 41 days of life. Instead I sat by his side and cautiously stroked his arms, legs, and hair. It was only after he had passed that my son was finally placed in my arms.

Today it is somewhat sad to hold Jane in my arms and know that this is the age that Jack was when we said our goodbyes. She smiles, she giggles, she brings so much joy to our family. We cannot imagine our life without her and would be devastated to have to let her go.

It sure has been difficult to go on with life these past two years without Jack. It’s not hard to imagine what it would be like to have that sweet boy in our home.

One day we will be with Jack again. In the meantime, we have certainly had moments of true happiness. We have felt much peace and comfort and we do not daily mourn the loss of our boy. There are times, like today, when we miss him dearly, but we whole-heartedly accept God’s will and plan for us. We are so blessed by our two wonderful girls. Jane makes us SO HAPPY.

There is much joy in the journey. Jane has proved that to us over and over again the past 41 days. Each day she makes me more happy and each day I love her more. The forty-one days we spent with Jack were heart breaking. The forty-one days we have spent with Jane have been more wonderful than I could ever describe. I love all my children so much.

I feel undeserving of such rich blessings…

But I’ll take ’em.