2010: Year of the *Marshall* Babies!


Itty-bitty fingers, teeny tiny toes,
Chubby chunky cheeks, and little binky nose,
Feather fuzzy head, happy angel smile,
Baby, little baby, play with me awhile.

Rosy-petal skin, widest open eyes,
Little monkey giggles, elephanty cries!
Doughy dimpled hands, kissy kicky feet,
Baby, little baby, you are oh, so sweet.

Hooray for babies! Hooray, hooray!
Hooray for babies! And we will say,
“As the newest people here,
You are welcome, you are dear!”
We will shout and clap and cheer!
Hooray for babies!

– Melanie Hoffman

Cora Jean Vidal: 20 May 2010

Norine Ann Harris: 1 August 2010

Tate Leon Marshall: 20 September 2010

Tr3y Eli Marshall: 2 October 2010

Jane Johanson: 28 December 2010

(Thank you to my sister Sarah who provided the onesies, and the pictures!)


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