Sunday morning was Jane’s Blessing Day. Her daddy took her in his arms and formally placed her name on the records of the church as well as gave her a beautiful blessing.

We are so grateful to all of the family and close friends who came from far and near to be a part of Jane’s special day. We were surrounded by loved ones all weekend and it was wonderful. Jane must be pretty darn special to have drawn such a large crowd.

One thing that is certain, babies do not come any sweeter or happier than Jane. She is an absolute joy. We have felt so strongly since she was born that throughout her life she will be one who will bring happiness to others. Adam was impressed with the same thoughts as he blessed her:

“You have brought so much joy into the hearts of your family. It is apparent that you are one that has been blessed with an ability and spiritual gift to bring happiness into the lives of others.”

“In a time when men’s hearts are cold and there is a lot of negative feelings towards one another, we bless you with the ability to be able to use the spirit to disperse those negative feelings and replace them with positive feelings and to bring joy into the hearts of men.”

I can’t express how blessed and lucky I feel to have Jane in our family. We thank our Heavenly Father each day for entrusting us with such a sweet spirit. We love our Jane and are truly a happy family.


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  1. What a beautiful Jane! I’m sure it was a special day to celebrate such a special little lady…I wish I could have heard her sacred blessing. I love your sweater by the way…

  2. seriously….. tears in my eyes after reading what adam said. wow. the pictures of jane are remarkably beautiful. and when you said there were a lot of people there, you weren’t kidding 🙂

  3. I love the picture with her tongue out! I am looking forward to meet this amazing young woman! 🙂

  4. Jane is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen! I am so happy for you and your family. What a precious baby! What an amazing memory to have with all those fam and friends at Jane’s blessing. I love these pictures! Utterly beautiful! Hugs to you! 🙂

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