Spring Treat Share: J-E-LL-O!


My sister-in-law Mary is doing a “linky party” on her blog for Spring Break ideas. I am not exactly sure what a “linky party” is, but I think I get the gist. So here is a little something that I am planning on making for a Spring treat.

I made this a few weeks ago for a basketball party with my family members. It’s a five layer Jell-o treat. I found the recipe here. I had a lot of fun making it the first time, and learned a thing or two to make it more successful the next time around.

For the Springtime treat, I plan on doing it in Spring colors. I’m thinking mostly greens and pinks.

You should know that my daughter is the pickest eater alive, and she looooooves this treat. If only it had some nutritional value. I might try to add different fruits to the layers one of these days…

This little project is time consuming, and my little one loved helping!

You too can share your ideas with Mary. Just head over to her corner!


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