Let Them Eat Cake


This past Saturday we headed up to my sister’s house and celebrated my nephew’s 12th birthday. Last year I offered to make Coulson’s birthday cake, and I went all out and did a guitar cake for Coulson. He loved it:

My sister asked me if I would do Coulson’s cake again this year, and this time I gave Megan the assignment of deciding what we would do for the cake. After she found a cake she liked, I then decided that she should be the the one to make it. She had a GREAT time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of the remaining steps (the baked cake, filling the cake, and frosting the cake) because I was the one who did those steps. I decided to keep the frosting simple because I wanted the inside of the cake to be the exciting part. I didn’t tell Coulson anything about his cake, and I think he was a touch disappointed when I showed up with a plain ol’ round cake that wasn’t even frosted that well. I hope he was pleasantly surprised to find that the actual cake was a little more exciting.

Megan had soooo much fun helping with this tye dye cake. It was totally easy and turned out great.

We love you Coulson!! Hope you had a great birthday!!


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  1. So… Megan is beautiful, brilliant, musically talented, sweet, AND she bakes!!! WOW! What an amazing girl– definitely the total package! If things don’t work out with your friend’s son, perhaps she can marry William. 😉

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