Sunday’s Sundae: Bringing Him Home


Megan, Jane and I spent all of last week in Las Vegas. We did many fun things and had a great time with family.

One day I told Megan that we would be going to visit Jack. I said, “this afternoon we are going to the cemetery to see Jack.” She replied, “yay!! Do we finally get to bring him home?”

Megan is well aware that Jack has passed away and is in Heaven, and I probably should have chosen my words more carefully, but I took the opportunity to once again explain to her that we will get to “bring Jack home”: someday. I reminded her that we are sealed together as a forever family, and that when Jesus Christ returns to the earth, we will get to “see” Jack again.

One week from now is Easter Sunday. It is a deeply meaningful day for my little family, as we rejoice in the atonement and resurrection of Jesus the Christ, who made life after death possible for all men .

Of course it was sad to visit Jack’s grave with “just” my two little girls. Of course I miss him so much and wish he was here with us. But there is no doubt in my mind that I am part of an eternal family and that I will see my son again. I love Easter and hope that amidst the colored eggs and chocolate bunnies, we will all remember what Easter is really about.

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  1. I’m glad you and the girls got to visit Jack…I’m even more thrilled to celebrate the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ which I know will make it possible for you to hold your sweet baby Jack in your arms! You know I love your guts…you and the girls look really beautiful!

  2. How precious! Your little Megan is wise beyond her years. The knowledge that we have is such a gift!! Also, I have the same shoes as you…Target?

  3. What a beautiful picture of you and “just” the girls. 😉 I think the knowledge and faith you are teaching them by bringing them to visit Jack’s grave is incredible, they are so blessed to have such a strong, faithful, loving mama!

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