Grandma Bishop


Yesterday morning my maternal grandmother returned home to her Heavenly Father.

2006: Gigi with Baby Megan.

I remember as a kid thinking that I had the most fun grandma. She had a great sense of humor. She was witty and sharp as a tack.

She was very also very generous. I can think of numerous ways she reached out to me over the years. She was always looking for ways to help out those she loved.

2005: Gigi with Adam and me on our wedding day

Grandma was tough as nails, and over the past several years her health had deteriorated and left her pretty miserable. It wasn’t always easy to be around her during those last years of her life, and when I was around her, even though I tried to be nice, I wasn’t always as nice as I should have been.

Grandma Bishop had been living with my mom in Las Vegas for many years now. I was in Vegas just days before she died; staying at my sister’s house. Saturday morning my mom called my sister because she needed help with Grandma. I was the one who answered the phone, and I hopped in the car and hurried over to my mom’s. Grandma had gotten out of bed to use the bathroom, and was unable to make it back to bed. My mom wasn’t strong enough to help her to her bed alone, so she needed me to help get her into bed.

It wasn’t an easy thing to get grandma from the bathroom into her bed. I basically carried her into bed on my own, and my back was aching for days afterwards. I felt so bad for her though, and felt more love and sympathy for her then I had felt in years.

Three days later, when my mom called to tell me that she had passed away, I was so grateful that I had the opportunity to serve her right before she had died, and that I had the opportunity to feel in my heart the love that I had always had for her.

I have many great memories of Grandma Bishop. She was the only grandparent I ever knew. There was no question that it was time for her to go and that she was ready to move on. I am so happy for her that she has returned home to all those who have gone before her. I am so glad that pain is finally gone. We love you, Long Legs BJ. ‘Till we meet again.

2004: Gigi and me


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