School Daze


In September I wrote this post about Megan starting preschool.

It was so scary to send her to school that first day. But it has proven to be such a great thing for her! She still struggles with communication, and it still affects her in social situations, but she is doing so much better in those areas!!! Seriously. Night and day better.

Last March, when Adam and I were trying to find a place to live here in Provo, we felt impressed that we should rent the house that we are living in. The rent was a little more money than we were looking to pay, and we hadn’t explored all of our options yet, but still, we felt like this was the place where we should live.

I can’t say with entire confidence that it has been revealed why we were meant to live here, but I do know that this is the only house that we looked at that was in the school district of the preschool Megan attends. No other school has this program, and it has made such a difference for Megan.

Ever since Megan was tiny and started exhibiting both her incredible intellectual gifts as well as her various challenges, people have asked me what I planned to do when it came to her schooling. Basically, I am just praying my heart out that as the choices regarding her schooling present themselves, we will be directed as to what would be best for Megan.

So far so good.

Megan (Preschool 2011)


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