Don’t Worry, Be Happy



For a couple of months now I have wanted to change the title of my blog. It is something that I try to do at the beginning of a new blog year. Previous titles have been: “Is this Heaven?” (from Field of Dreams), “There’s No Place Like Home” (from Wizard of Oz), and “Tomorrow” (from Annie).

My fifth year of blogging is about to begin. I don’t know why I have kept up blogging for the past four years. I don’t know why I think that I have anything profound to say or that people are actually interested in what is going on with my little family. I don’t even know who really reads this anymore, and I don’t need to know. I have considered giving up blogging who knows how many times, but for now I am going to continue because it’s a nice place to feel like I have a “voice” even if no one really cares what I have to say.

In my “history of blogging” I have come across many posts/comments wherein “Mommy” blogs are criticized because the authors write about how bright and sunny their lives are; how great their kids are, and how wonderful their husbands are. When “realistic” posts are published about how “difficult” life is or how “hard” it is to raise children, the authors are praised for their honesty and willingness to not “sugar coat” real life.

Well, guess what? My life is bright and sunny. My children are great, and my husband is wonderful. Sure, we have experienced heartache. There is no denying that. Almost daily it seems like Adam and I are up against a new battle…some challenge that threatens our happiness and could potentially tear us down. But even amidst trials and sorrow, we can laugh and find joy. You hear enough complaining and negativity in this world. When people come to this little corner of the internet, I want there to be no doubt about how I feel about my role as a wife and mother, and no question about how I feel about the decisions I have made in my life that have put me in the position I am in today. No matter what, I am totally happy.

And hey, for good measure, here is a proof that Miss Jane does actually cry. It is a very rare occurrence, almost non-existent. In fact, Adam actually asked me to take this picture because he had never seen actual tears in her little eyes and we thought it was adorable.

Who needs to “sugar coat”? When your life really is this sweet?


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  1. I just want to say that I adore your blog! When I think of “sugar-coated” posts, I think of insincerity or shallowness. While your blog is optimistic, it’s the optimism that comes from a full depth of joy. This type of joy inherently involves pain. You express that range so beautifully. It’s touching and inspiring. You make me proud to be a mother, a wife, and a woman. Thanks for keeping it up!

  2. BLESS YOU!!! this attitude is exactly when I like to read your blog! the other day we had a visitor at our house. he was taking pictures of our family and really worried that he would do something to offend us. I said, “honestly, there is very little you could do that would upset us”. my 10 year old said, “ya – the only thing that makes my mom REALLY mad is when people complain in public”. HA!! Didn’t realize I’d made it that clear how much I don’t enjoy publically posted bad attitudes about the realities of life 🙂

  3. I mean — this attitude is exactly WHY I like to read your blog… (not when, I like to read your blog all the time)

  4. Um, if you stop blogging MY LIFE will not be as happy, so don’t ever consider it again! You are a huge blessing and influence in my life and I for one LOVE your honesty and sincerity and and stand all amazed by your positivity and ability to always find the joy in the journey. Plus I die at the cuteness every time I see your lil ones.
    I have felt the same way(s) irritated at the obviously too good to be true mommy posts, they are out there, but then feel like “maybe MINE comes off that way” cause life IS just THAT great. I don’t know, but like you said, it doesn’t matter, our blogs are for us. Im just glad you share yours cause I love it. You rock!

  5. I love love love your blog. It makes me really happy and I always want to be a better person after reading it. Thanks for all you do. And if you feel like sugar coating something, go right a head because it’s your life and your blog and you can do what ever you want with it. But I will always enjoy reading it.

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