The Angel with the Tender Heart. Revisited.


On July 27th, 2010, I was nineteen weeks pregnant with my third child.

That day, I had an ultrasound. You know, the BIG ultrasound, where they check and make sure everything looks normal and healthy and they also can check out the gender.

We were told that morning that everything looked normal and healthy. We were also told that the baby was a boy.

I came home and announced that the baby was a boy by posting a story on my blog. It is a story about two little baby boys born to one family. The first baby died; the second baby was born healthy and strong and his tender heart was just what the little family needed.

When we later found out that they baby was NOT a boy, and that we were having a girl, I was disappointed that the sweet story was no longer applicable to my little family. I thought maybe I would have another boy someday, and then that story could apply to my two boys.


I can not imagine a baby with a more tender heart and sweet disposition than Miss Jane. No other child could have healed our little family like she has. I have decided that there is nothing wrong with changing the story a little to be about a boy angel and his little sister.

Our Jane is definitely our “Angel With the Tender Heart.”

Click here if you would like to read the original post which contains an excerpt from the story “The Angel With the Golden Glow”. Remember, at the time I wrote that post, I thought I was having a baby boy. Feel free to consider the second child a baby girl instead of a boy.

Because that’s the way it should have been written.


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  1. awwww, she is so special. and i love that story and think it is so fitting for you guys, even with miss jane being a sister instead of a brother.

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