Megan loves to play Wii. She has always loved the Wii. I’m not sure what it is about it, I could probably make a few assumptions, but we’ve allowed her to play often since it is something that she enjoys so much. In fact, I recently read a study that stated that it is good for young girls to play video games, especially with their fathers.

“Young girls who played age-appropriate video games with their parents were better behaved, felt more connected to their families, were less aggressive and less likely to be depressed…” (article can be found: here.)

Almost every day, Megan spends a little bit of time playing on the Wii. A few favorite games of hers are: “Wii Fit Plus” and “Wii Music”. More often than not, Adam and I join her; it’s an activity we all enjoy together as a family. But sometimes, the Wii is a perfect activity to keep Megan entertained when I am otherwise engaged (like with her ADORABLE little sister).

So…the point of this story. There is an activity on the Wii called “Everybody Votes”. On “Everybody Votes” Wii users worldwide are asked how they would answer various questions (ex. Which would you enjoy more? A sunny day or a rainy day?) and you can enter your answer as well as predict how the majority of people would answer. Megan really enjoys this activity. She checks for new polls daily, as well as checks the results of previous polls.

Another thing that you can do on “Everybody Votes” is submit possible poll questions for users to answer. Megan likes to enter in silly things and then submit them. They usually don’t make sense, like she’ll just enter her name as the poll question and then Jane’s name or “blue” for the answers. She thinks she is hilarious.

Today Megan wanted to show me her poll question submission. Expecting something silly or nonsensical, I was surprised to see find this on the television:

She created a few more questions before the night was over:

It is pretty darn impressive that a four-year-old can sit on the couch and make up these questions, and type them out(including correct spelling AND punctuation), as well as come up with clever and applicable answers: all by herself.

Adam and I continue to be amazed (and THRILLED) with the incredible things our girl can do.

She is awesome.

On a related note, we watched “Megamind” tonight, and when the title came up, Megan said, “Don’t they mean ‘Megan-Mind?”

And then laughed her head off.


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  1. WOW! She is just amazing. I have to tell you… even though he only ever saw her when they were one year old, I think William has developed a huge crush on Megan from your photos, videos, and blog. One would think from the way he talks about her sometimes that she lived down the street or something! Posts like this are probably a prime example of why he thinks she’s so fabulous. And who could blame him? Hopefully you and Adam are okay with that. 🙂

  2. That 123…4 one got me thinking (I’ve honestly never had a 4 year old make me think that much, clever girl). The answer options should be 4 or 124. As in, do you see a series of numbers or a whole number.

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