A Day In the Life


So, there is this blog trend where you take a picture each hour of your day and share it on your blog.

I don’t pretend that my day-to-day life is exciting enough for this to be at all interesting. But I’m joining the movement.

I didn’t follow the rules exactly. I just pretty much took pictures of what we were up to throughout the day. Starting at the beginning. So here you have it.

I wake up to this:

42 seconds later:

And the day officially begins.

On this particular day, I head out to aerobics and leave the morning antics to daddy.

I arrive home from aerobics, send Adam on his way, and hop in the shower.

Jane keeps me company.

I load the girls up in the car and tell Megan we are going on a fun errand. Then I tell her the errand is to Wal-mart. She is not happy.

Then I tell her that I was just kidding and that we are really going to the library. Much better.

This is the part where Megan leaves reality as you and I know it, and enters her own little happy place.

Unarguably, we mold early readers in this family.

We arrive home from the library and it’s time for lunch for the little girl.

And a nap for the littler girl.

This is the point when I usually do my mid-day clean up. I tell you, there can be dishes piled mile high in the sink, wet towels on my bedroom floor, or baskets of laundry to be folded, but my least favorite job is always the downstairs. Oh yes, on any given afternoon, downstairs is the place where I might find 212 legos strewn about amongst 43 pairs of Polly Pocket shoes, a half eaten piece of toast from breakfast, a dripping sippy cup of curdled milk, 998 pieces from a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, a vile of nuclear waste, and the landlord’s cat. Today, I finish the dishes and the laundry, hangup the towels and hold my breath as I turn the corner from the upstairs to the downstairs terrified to discover what madness awaits me, and I find…this:


37 Seconds later:

Megan finishes her lunch and spends some time playing in her room.

Now is the time I make myself some lunch and think it might be a good time to catch up on some “Friday Night Lights.” Jane says, “think again, mom” and decides now is a good time to wake up. The bright red tiny hand imprint on her cheek is a sure sign that it was a good nap.

Next Megan played with her Polly Pockets.

And Jane played with a bag of balls.

Sometimes Jane showed off her crawl stance.

And sometimes the girls were cute together.

Then daddy arrived.

And Jane and I went to Target.

While Megan and Dad stayed home.

No pictures were taken at this time.

Sad, I know.

Adam and Megan scrounged up some dinner, and I came home with these bad boys for Meg:

They don’t fit though. So I have to take them back.

I fed Jane some green beans and Megan composed some music on the computer.

Later, Megan and I whipped together some snowcones and headed outside to enjoy them. The neighbor girl was out and about, so we whipped her up a snowcone too.

After snowcones, it was time for Megan to call it a night.

And it was time for my “end of the day” clean up.

See what I mean about the downstairs?

It is now 10 o’clock at night, and I am nursing Jane as I type this up. But there you have a typical day in our little home. Well, slightly atypical as there were no appointments or meetings or obligations scheduled. Some things were not documented, like all three of Jane’s naps or when Megan didn’t want Jane touching her toys so she picked her up and moved her, and I only noticed what was going on when Megan said, “boy, you’re heavy.”

Jane weighs more than half of what Megan weighs.

And now Jane will fall asleep and Adam and I have big plans to curl up on our bed and watch a movie on our laptop.

The End.

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  1. That was a fun post. As always, those girls of yours are adorable! I had to chuckle over yet another similarity between Megan and William– that’s about exactly how excited William would be if informed we were going to Wal-Mart! Also, would you believe it? We went to the Library today and also checked out “Joseph Had a Little Overcoat!” William loves that book! We also got a book called, “The United Tweets of America” by Hudson Talbott. It goes through the states alphabetically and tells about its state bird and some state facts. William thinks it’s pretty cool. Maybe Megan would like that, too?

    However, I wish I were in shape like you are, and also that my house were as clean as yours. I guess I should go do something about that…

  2. You say your day isn’t interesting. If I did a picture day, it would have me in front of the computer all day long. But someday I will get my own little pile of leggos to pick up when I get home.

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