do we look alike or what?


On an unrelated note, sometimes I don’t capitalize any of the words in the title of a post because I am not sure which words are supossed to be capitalized and which are not.

Yesterday I posted some recent pictures of my girls. I mentioned that I loved one of the pictures of Megan in particular, and I think the reason why I love it most is because she looks a lot like me in the picture. Then the first (and only) comment I got on that post mentioned that the picture of Megan looks like me. Ver.I.Fied. Here is the picture again:

I have OFTEN thought that Megan looks like a young me. Usually, the times when we look most alike are when our faces are void of expression. I tried to look for some pictures of a young me wherein I thought our similiarities were most uncanny, but I just couldn’t find anything that totally satisfied my theory. Here are a few that come close.

I know Mary agrees with me. Now what do you think?


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  1. Yeah she definitely looks a lot like you did as a child. It’s funny how much we change as adults, so it can be hard to see those similarities.
    I have one woman whom I go to church with and everyone says her baby looks like her husband, but that’s because she’s a chubby, little, round faced baby, and her husband is, well, chubby and round in the face, but if you look at baby pictures, the baby looks a lot like her.

    It’s fun to see our kids grow, and I love seeing who they look like and how they change.

    She’s beautiful, just like her mom!

  2. I have totally thought that almost every time you post a picture of her. There is so much “Marshall” in her, most especially you (and a lot of your mom). Beautiful girls all around! 🙂

  3. I never knew you when you were little lol but I think just from the pictures that you posted that she totally does! 🙂 How fun that you have a blog too I had no Idea!

  4. Seeing those pictures of you when you’re little, that’s how I remember you! She’s darling, and yes, she looks like you!

  5. twinners!!! so awesome!
    love these updates and LOVE what an adoring loving happy mother you are!!

  6. A RESOUNDING YES!!!! from her wannabe Auntie Heather, but that’s no surprise… she’s beautiful just like her Mamma!

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