New Year’s Resolution: FAIL


For years I have been saying that I want to grow my hair out. I think the longest it has been in the last ten years or so is about shoulder length. Every time it gets to my shoulders, I cut it off. I can’t stand the in between stage, and personally, I think I look better with short hair.

Every time I cut it though, I feel a little like a failure. I really want to grow it out for a change, and see how long I can get it.

This year, my New Year’s Resolution was to NOT cut my hair (besides regular trims). Well, I almost made it to September. Today I chopped it off. I don’t regret it. I probably won’t attempt to grow it out again. I like it better short. Sure, I will sometimes wish I could throw it in a pony-tail. And sure, I will also wish to be able to do some of those cute hairstyles that you can only do with long hair. But I think shorter hair suits me best. So there you have it. I failed to keep my New Year’s Resolution and I don’t even care.

Please note:

I was not planning on posting this blog tonight. I was going to wait until tomorrow to take pictures of my new-do, so I could put on a little make-up and some real clothes. Adam snapped these pictures tonight so I could privately email them to my sisters and my mom, but Jane is just so cute I just have to share. I am swallowing my pride and posting these pictures even though I am in my pajamas and make-up free. Just look at Jane’s face!! You’d do the same if it were you!

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  1. I’m growing mine out, and it’s currently between pixie and bob… huge pain in the rear. Your hair looks gorgeous! I love that length on you!

  2. you look adorable – and so does jane. my resolution to floss more days that I don’t…. so far so good!

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