And She’s Off…


Today is Megan’s first day of Kindergarten!

For good measure, here is a photo of her when she started preschool last year at this time, and a photo from this morning.

A lot has changed over the past year. In these photos alone we acknowledge a newly painted fence, and a better quality camera, but the biggest change is the subject of the photo. My how she’s grown!

This morning we started off the day with Megan’s favorite breakfast, cinnamon rolls.

“Don’t worry Jane, I’ll be back before you even notice I’m gone.”

After breakfast, Adam gave Megan a back to school blessing. Megan seemed to grasp the weight of it, and sat very still with her arms folded and her eyes shut tight. It was a wonderful way to start of her school year.

And then we were off…

She was so excited!

“Come on, mother!” (*side note, she calls me “mother” now because of the movie “Tangled”. At least she doesn’t call me “Mother Gothel.”)

Daddy and Jane joined us for the first day as well.

Megan made herself right at home. Kindergarten and Megan are going to get along beautifully!

They encourage the parents to stick around for ten minutes each morning to read to their child.

Time to say goodbye…

Other days, I might hope the three hours go by slower, but today I am so anxious to pick her up and hear all about her first day. I am sure she will have a great time!

“Goodbye MOTHER!”

I’m loving this stage of life, and I love watching Megan grow into a sweet young lady, but tell me…

how did we go from here:

To here?

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  1. Okay, I want William to go to Megan’s school!!! Not just so they could go to school together– that would be cool enough– and not just because she has half day– again, that would be enough. But what a WONDERFUL school to encourage the parents to stay ten minutes!!!! William’s school doesn’t even seem to want the parents to come in the building! I hate that.

    I love the part about her calling you “Mother.” I finally saw “Tangled” about a week ago, so I actually get the Mother Gothel joke. YEA! 😉

  2. Megan/Meg is such a doll-face!! The picture of you hugging her goodbye totally made me tear up. It’s such a sweet picture of you two.

  3. So she is so grown up!!! Love it! And you look absolutely hot mamma by the way! Smokin:)

  4. maybe cause i love you to pieces, but i have tears reading this!!!
    she looks so precious! love that is was a family event.
    and that 10minutes of reading is so nice!!! funny- she’ll probably read to YOU, but still, super cool. 🙂
    Happy Day!

  5. Oh my! I will be there tomorrow… How did her first day go?! Bittersweet for sure. She is adorable, by the way.
    PS- I love your Toms. Are they not the BEST shoes ever?! I would like them in every color I think.

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