Fantastic Fall


We carved pumpkins for family home evening this week.

And by “we” I mean, me. Adam has never really enjoyed carving pumpkins, Megan took one look at the guts and ran the other way; declaring that she wanted the finished product to be a “surprise”, and Jane just crawled around the lawn eating every rock, twig, and leaf in sight.

I absolutely lack any pumpkin carving skillz, but I took one for the team and did all the dirty work. Megan was pleased with the end result, so that’s all that really matters.

I saw this cute idea on Pinterest. Jane did NOT like it one bit, and I think we shoulda gotten a bigger pumpkin. Still, we got a couple of cute little pictures.

We have really enjoyed the arrival of fall and getting ready for Halloween. Like last year, Megan has worn Halloween shirts pretty much all month. I got tired of her orange and black attire a couple of days ago, and kinda quit dressing her in Halloween garb. I don’t think I’ll have her wear a Halloween shirt every day next October. I miss her other *cuter* clothes, especially since it’s the beginning of Fall and the start of cute sweaters and boots and such.

I tried to be creative with Megan’s breakfast a couple of times, too. One morning I made pumpkin pancakes and one morning I made ghost pancakes. Megan thought I was pretty silly.

I’m so excited about the girls’ Halloween costumes. We did a little photo shoot the other day, but I think I’ll save the big reveal for the actual day. Halloween is so fun when you’re a parent!

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  1. yay! i love your happy little updates!! and i LOVE pinterest!!! best ideas EVER! jane is toooooo cute in that pumpkin- so glad you persevered.
    happy halloween!

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