Thanksgiving Twenty-11


Megan has been on me for days now to update my blog. She definitely is my most avid reader. So here I am, Meg. This is for you :).

We headed down to Vegas for Thanksgiving. We were able to leave Utah on Tuesday and enjoyed a nice long holiday break. We had such a good time.

Adam was able to play football Thursday morning with his brother Jake, which might have been the highlight of the break for him. We ate Thanksgiving dinner with my family – which was delish – and then had dessert at Adam’s parent’s house – which was equally delish. We were also able to visit Jack at the memorial park. It was the first time since Jane was born that we were there as an entire family.

On Friday, although we didn’t bring a swimsuit, Megan did some swimming in her grandparents hot tub, which might have been the highlight of the break for her.

On Saturday, my brother Loren led us through some fun activities on the strip. My family has lived in Vegas now for about 22 years, but we don’t make it down to the strip that often. We had such a fun time visiting the Bellagio gardens and fountains; we peeked in at the lions at MGM; we watched the Atlantis show at Caesar’s; and we ended the trip with a visit to the M&M factory. We saw some funny sights along the way, and everyone had a good time.

So they have all these different street performers down on the LV strip. Bradley’s mom encouraged him to give some money to one of the guys so we could see him perform. Here’s how it went.

I was so surprised when Megan said she wanted to do it, too. You can tell from her video that she was so scared, but she did it anyway. I am so glad that the man didn’t scream at her like he did Bradley!!

Saturday evening we had a talent show with my family. Almost everyone participated. It was so fun. Conley stole the show with his dance moves. That kid is too cute.

After the talent show, Adam headed to his parent’s house for games, and the adult Marshalls threw down on a cookie baking competition. Loren took first place, but in my opinion, Loren’s cookie (classic chocolate chip) and Sarah’s second place winner (white chocolate + cranberry) were equally tasty. The other 5 cookies were also pretty dang good. I think I tried each one at least twice…

Sunday we attended my sister’s ward before heading back to Utah. My nephew Bradley gave a talk in Primary and we were able to be there for that. Bradley gives the best talk. They also sang the “Hello” song to Megan, which she loved. We had to sneak out early, but Megan told them she’ll be back at Christmastime.

I apologize that this post is so wordy. It is mostly to appease my five-year-old, but I know I’ll be glad that I have it all recorded. Thank you to everyone who made our Thanksgiving so wonderful!

Note to self: Next holiday, BRING YOUR CAMERA with you to the Johos! I always just leave it with the rest of our belongings at my sister’s and NEVER get pictures at the Johanson house. UGH!!! Megan swimming in her shirt and undies would have been a great photo-op!!! Just kidding Mego…


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  1. ELIZABETH! YOUR HAIR IS DYNO-MITE! GIRLFRIEND!!! Im LOVING IT! I want to cut, die and do mine like yours!!! killer!!!!

    And a cookie competition?!!? Could you guys be any funner?!?! Oh did I ever get in the wrong line in heaven when it came to picking families!!!

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