Jane’s FIRST Birthday Par-tay!


It was fun to still be in Vegas for Jane’s first birthday party. Her uncle Sam was able to be there, and her Vidal cousins, as well as her Grandma Marshall AND her Johanson Grandparents. We had the party after dinner, and just did cake & ice cream as well as gifts.

The spread:

I did cupcakes in baby food jars, and a little rainbow smash cake for my little rainbow baby.

All of Jane’s party guests ate their treats out of baby food jars while she enjoyed a cake all to herself.

She didn’t quite know what to do at first, but she REALLY liked the cake after she dug in and tasted it.

Jane’s mommy had a pretty good idea of what to get Jane for her first birthday. This girl is CRAZY about Sing-A-Ma-Jigs. I mean CRAZY!!! In fact, one night, in the middle of the night, she woke up, sat up in bed (wide-eyed) and started whining. I picked her up and she struggled to get out of my arms. I put her down and she crawled around until she found one of her Sing-A-Ma-Jigs on the floor, clutched it in her arms and went back to sleep. She LOVES those silly things!! She got two for Christmas (in addition to the three we already own) and then one more for her birthday. SHE LOVED IT! Also, I got her two dollies that I KNEW she would love. Her grandparents got her great gifts, her aunts and uncles got her great gifts, but that night she only had eyes for the dolls and the Sing-A-Ma-Jig. Mother knows best, indeed!!! (She has since rediscovered all her gifts and LOVES them all!!!)

Clutching her loot:

Giving the “don’t you dare try to take my toys” look to the other children:

I’m outta here!!!

Thank you to everyone who made Jane’s first birthday a success! She is a sweet girl and she is so loved by so many! Here’s to year two!!!

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