This Christmas we started a new tradition in our family: The Elf on the Shelf. After Thanksgiving, we received a package from the North Pole. Inside was our very own elf.

Megan was instantly taken with the idea of our very own elf. Megan named our elf “Jazz”. Each morning, Jazz would watch over our family and each night Jazz would return to Santa to report on our daily behavior.

Jazz is magic, and no one is allowed to touch Jazz, or her magic might go. Jazz is magical in other ways, too. For example, if ever Megan was acting up, all I had to do was mention our elf, and Megan was as sweet as pie. I loved it.

Each morning, Megan set out to hunt for Jazz, as she moved to a new spot each night. Somedays, we found Jazz doing silly things. She got into the candy, she hung from the ceiling fan, she drew reindeer antlers and red noses on our family picture, she took a spin in Barbie’s car, she played the Wii, AND one morning, she even hacked Megan’s facebook profile and changed Megan’s picture to a picture of herself!

She also left gifts for us. One morning she left me some new Christmas socks because my feet are always so cold. She left Megan a gingerbread house and an M&M cane.

The night before we headed to Vegas for Christmas, Jazz snuck into our car and came along for the ride. In Vegas, she met up with her best friend, Elfred…a slightly more ethnic elf.

We are going to miss Jazz. She has been a great addition to our holiday season. We look forward to her arrival again next year.

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