12 Month Jane


12 month old Jane is weighing in at 19 pounds and she’s just about 30 inches tall. She’s got eight teeth, and a few days before her first birthday: she decided that walking was the way to go.

Pure and simple, Jane is a SWEET.HEART. She is tender, and funny, and oh-so-cute. One hilarious quirk about Jane is that she grabs our faces and turns us to her and looks directly in our eyes when she wants to “talk” to us. If we even try to look away, she grabs our faces hardcore and makes us look directly at her. It is so cute.

Jane is still CA-RAZY about Sing-A-Ma-Jigs. They are by far her favorite toy.

For some reason, Jane LOVES to dance and SING along with the theme song for “How I Met Your Mother.” Just this week, she started dancing with her legs as well as her arms. It is so cute to see her little legs moving and grooving.

Jane still prefers nursing to any other food, and we are just following her lead when it comes to mealtimes. We offer her table food many times throughout the day, and we don’t think it will be too long before she is nursing less. I am just hoping that she will be a better eater then her big sister.

There was a time when Jane was sleeping most the night in her crib, but now she’s mostly sleeping in our bed. Truly, we all sleep better this way.

Jane is quite the jabber-er. She doesn’t say too many words, mainly just unintelligible jabbering, (as well as: mama and dada) but she does say ONE complete sentence ALL.THE.TIME. “I did it!” She absolutely says this complete sentence in correct context. SO.CUTE. Her little baby jabber is pretty darn cute as well.

Jane and Megan are starting to have more fun together as well. Megan LOVES her little sis, and Jane is just CRAZY about her big sis. It is fun to watch their relationship grow and develop.

Jane is definitely growing up on us. But she’s still just 12 months old and our sweet little baby. She is a pure delight. We are just so in love with her. More and more each day, in fact.


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  1. awww, precious! if we didn’t all know you were an incredible mother before, we know now! Cause how on earth do you stand those sing a majigs?!?! OH. MY. WORD. I hid my kids’ stash as soon as they weren’t looking! See, Im a bad mom- no kindness or patience here!

    Jane is awesome, beautiful and smart, a pure joy even through the computer!! thanks for sharing her- she just make me smile!

    thats pretty amazing about the sentence too! i love how adorable and SMART your girls are!

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