Faith is Always Pointed Toward the Future


As a new year begins and we try to benefit from a proper view of what has gone before, I plead with you not to dwell on days now gone nor to yearn vainly for yesterdays, however good those yesterdays may have been. The past is to be learned from but not lived in. We look back to claim the embers from glowing experiences but not the ashes. And when we have learned what we need to learn and have brought with us the best that we have experienced, then we look ahead and remember that faith is always pointed toward the future. Faith always has to do with blessings and truths and events that will yet be efficacious in our lives. – Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
Generally, I love New Year’s. I like bidding goodbye to a year full of ups and downs, while taking the lessons I’ve learned, and working to apply them on bettering myself. I like the idea of starting anew, making a fresh start, and letting go things that might be holding us back.

I started thinking of New Year’s resolutions around Thanksgiving time. I was really looking forward to the new year. For the most part, 2011 was a good year. Sure there were downs, but mostly there were ups. I would say that I really have no serious complaints about the year, other than my back pain that started in July. That has been really hard. But I can live with pain if it means my family is happy and things are otherwise great. We have been truly blessed.

Well…January 1st 2012 rolled around and our entire family was sick. We had some pretty bad coughs that kept us from really appreciating the start of a new year (sidenote: coughing with a herniated disk = misery. I had to brace myself each and every time a cough was coming!) We were able to go over resolutions and goals for ourselves on the 2nd, and I think it went over really well with Megan. In fact, her first goal to work on was eating more fruit with each meal and she has done EXCELLENT (this month her goal is to work on her handwriting.)

By the end of the first week of January, our coughs were getting much better. I decided that my “New Year’s” would have to start in the second week of January, and I was okay with that. Well, the first day of the second week of January, I woke up with agonizing stomach and back pains. Monday night I ended up going to the ER and discovered I had a kidney stone.

So for the next week my New Year’s was again put on hold. The back pain caused by my herniated disk was also now coming on in full force and I just have felt defeated this month. The girls have been sick, off and on, and Adam has been pretty busy with school and work.

THEREFORE, my new year is starting TOMORROW. February 1st 2012 is going to be epic. Okay, not really. But I am putting into effect the goals that I wanted to set for myself for sure. In fact, just this morning, I got a steroid injection in my spine that should help with some of the pain so that I can more aptly go about physical therapy and other treatments to help keep the pain down long-term. I really feel like I can better be the mother that I want to be, the wife I want to be, and the friend I want to be, if I have some pain management.

But as much as I love New Year’s, the fact is, we can all decided to better ourselves and set goals for ourselves at any moment and at any time, and we should. We should evaluate ourselves often and alter the little things that are holding us back from shining as brightly as we should. I am not saying we should get down on ourselves as we list our shortcomings, in fact, I think just the opposite is true. We should be more gentle with ourselves and pray for strength and guidance in all our choices in all our day-to-day activities.

So maybe you weren’t able to stick to the goals you set yourself for this new year. Go ahead and start this month. I promise I am. I am optimistic, confident, and hopeful that 2012 will be a truly wonderful year for my little family.


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  1. Thanks for posting this. I really needed it today. I tend to live and hold onto the past. Thank you for pointing my faith to the future!

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