Megan. 5 years, 9 months.


Megan is doing really well these days. She is excelling in school, and blossoming into the sweetest little lady.

Megan is loving Kindergarten. She has no problems with any of the coursework, and is enjoying every aspect of each day. She loves P.E., and has been taking an after school art class that she has really enjoyed. She is becoming more and more comfortable with new situations, and is trying things that she wouldn’t have tried a few months ago. We continue to stretch her mind outside of the classroom, and she is currently really interested in mathematics, especially fractions and percentages. She can do all sorts of addition and subtraction, with no struggle, and she is also pretty good at multiplication (!!! Seriously. She’s five!) I know some of it is just the way her special little mind works, but Adam and I work hard to find ways to stretch her abilities. She is lucky to have Adam as a daddy, he is the perfect math teacher for her.

We also started Megan in piano this month. She is taking to piano like a fish takes to water. We always knew she would excel, it was just finding the right time and teacher for her that had us delaying the start of lessons. Again, Adam is a great resource for her. He attends the lessons with her, so that he can better review the work with her at home. While we both play the piano, he is much more technically minded then I am, and he’ll be better suited to help Megan with the proper piano technique. I am crossing my fingers that the novelty of actual lessons won’t soon wear off, and that Megan will thrive in her studies.

Megan continues to attend behavior therapy once a week, and she also really enjoys that. They have ruled out the need for physical therapy, and she will continue occupational and speech therapy for now. We have had several people ask us what we have told her about Aspergers and her need for therapy. Honestly, we haven’t told her too much. Basically, I told her, “you know how sometimes you get really sad or upset when things don’t go the way you want them to or when people don’t do the things you want them to? Therapy is to help you to be happier.” And she’s fine with that. I don’t think she would understand much more of it right now, and I don’t think she needs to. We’ll see. We don’t really know what we are doing ourselves, so we might as well just keep it simple for her.

As certain as her therapist is that she has Aspergers, her therapist wants to continue evaluations to rule out or also diagnose ADD/ADHD, high functioning autism, or hyperlexia. I wouldn’t be surprised if we were dealing with some ADD and I am still very curious about hyperlexia. Only time will tell.

It’s been refreshing to see how people treat Megan now that she has a diagnosis. In the past, a meltdown or difficult situation might have led people to believe that she was just misbehaving, undisciplined, or spoiled. Now that they know that her mind really does work in an atypical manner, they are so much more understanding and long-suffering. It has taken such a weight off my shoulders.

It is interesting all the “a-ha” moments we have had with Megan over the past few months since getting her diagnosis. Sometimes I kick myself for not pushing for a diagnosis sooner, but I am not sure how much of a difference it would have made. We have very few really difficult days with her anymore, but those days are still hard enough that I find myself breaking down and crying, thinking “I can’t do this Autism thing.” But then I pick myself up and dust myself off and know I don’t have a choice, nor would I choose to change anything if I could. I just love my Megan so much.

Well that’s the latest on Megan. I can’t believe that soon she will complete Kindergarten and then turn 6!!! Where has the time gone!? 🙂


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  1. oh man is she gorgeous!
    that sounds so superficial after all the beautiful and incredible things you wrote, but i don’t just mean on the outside.
    so happy things are goign so well. i too can’t believe kinder is almost over! ;(

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