Monthly Archives: April 2012

Spring Break Swimming


We were in Vegas for the start of Spring Break, and we were able to go swimming in Adam’s parent’s pool. The weather was nice and warm outside, and Adam’s parents heated the pool so the water temperature was wonderful. We brought along our niece Jamison, and Megan, Jamison and Jane had a WONDERFUL time swimming.

Jamison didn’t even need her life jacket, and she was a total fish in the water. Megan was more daring than she had ever been before; spending sometime under the water as well as jumping in over and over and over again. She even let her daddy throw her in a few times (a first!) Megan loved when Grandpa Johanson got home from work and ran in and jumped into the water.

Jane LOVED the water and kept her daddy busy by fickle-ly flitting between the hot tub and the swimming pool.

After hours and hours of swimming, a tired and hungry Jane started doing the sign for “milk.” I stripped off her swimsuit and was preparing to take her inside when she ran back to the hot tub and got in again. You can see the torn look on her face as she is continuing to sign “milk”, but also wants to keep swimming: now in the nude!

All three girls (and Adam, Grandpa, and myself) had a GREAT time swimming. It was the perfect start to Spring Break. Thank you for having us Grandma and Grandpa!!!

Baby Isaac


Adam’s brother Joshua and his wife Alyssa welcomed their first child, Isaac, on January 11th. This Easter Sunday, Isaac was given a name and a blessing by his father and our little family was able travel to Las Vegas for the occasion. This was also the first time we got to meet Isaac, and he is just so cute. Adam and I have been impressed since he was born that he is a very special little spirit. His blessing was wonderful and tender. I just love this little guy who made me an aunt for the 30th time. We look forward to seeing him again in just a couple short months!

Easter Visitations.


Adam teaches a Saturday lecture at Utah Valley University (UVU). One day I really should write a post about all the positive reviews Professor Johanson ALWAYS gets from his students, but today is not that day (seriously, he is an AWESOME professor.) Anyway, we had plans to head to Vegas for Easter weekend, but we couldn’t leave until Adam finished his lecture. So we headed out later than we normally would. Also, because I have such bad back issues, I decided I would pop a couple Lortabs as we were running out the door. Bad idea. The medication made me so nauseous, we had to stop several times because I thought I would be physically sick.

So one place we ended up stopping was Mesquite, Nevada. We probably wouldn’t have stopped there otherwise, since we were late getting out and our girls were anxious to arrive at our destination, but I am so glad we ended up stopping there. We were able to visit my dad’s gravesite, which is always wonderful, but was especially appropriate this Easter weekend. Megan really enjoyed “visiting” Grandpa Marshall, and it was a sweet way to usher in Easter Sunday.

On Easter Sunday, we visited Baby Jack’s gravesite. Megan was so sweet, she wanted to bring him all sorts of Easter gifts and treats. Both girls enjoy every trip we make to see Jack.

Jane exploring the cemetery.

Megan always has a special interest in the birth and death dates of the children buried in the “Garden of Innocence” with Jack. She is so sweet and loving about it; she has such a tender heart.

Easter is such a special celebration for our family. Our Savior died and then lived again and we will all do the same. And when that day comes, we will be with our Jack again and my dad again!

Easter Morn


Easter Morning, the girls woke up to find a jellybean trail leading to their Easter baskets.

Meg and Jane LOVED their baskets. The Easter Bunny succeeded big time.

After the girls played with some of their new Easter goodies, we got them dressed in their beautiful new dresses and headed out to church. We attended Adam’s parent’s sacrament first during which our new little nephew was blessed. Afterwards, we headed back to my mom’s sacrament where she gave a wonderful talk about the atonement.

After church we stopped by the cemetery to visit our little Jack. I plan on writing another post about that. We then had an Easter feast at Adam’s parent’s house.

We had a wonderful Easter, with many special spiritual moments; all tying back to the birth and death of our Savior and how His atoning sacrifice applies to our little family.

Dyeing Eggs


This year was the first year we dyed eggs for Easter. In the past Megan wasn’t really interested, and since Adam doesn’t particularly like to eat eggs, we just weren’t motivated. This year, however, Megan was very anxious to dye eggs, and she made it seem like such a large injustice that we had never done it in the past. I tried to explain that she never wanted to before, but she still hasn’t quite forgiven me for our lack of egg dyeing experience. I assured her that we can do it every year hence.

We used Kool-Aid for the dye, and while the colors didn’t turn out super vibrant, the eggs definitely smelled pleasant. Megan loved it. I decided we would only dye 6 eggs since they will likely be wasted, and Megan asked me a couple of times if next year we could dye “6 plus 6 eggs” or “6 times 2 eggs”. Guess we’ll do a full dozen next time. Anyway, she loved it, and she’s already looking forward to doing it again next year.