Dyeing Eggs


This year was the first year we dyed eggs for Easter. In the past Megan wasn’t really interested, and since Adam doesn’t particularly like to eat eggs, we just weren’t motivated. This year, however, Megan was very anxious to dye eggs, and she made it seem like such a large injustice that we had never done it in the past. I tried to explain that she never wanted to before, but she still hasn’t quite forgiven me for our lack of egg dyeing experience. I assured her that we can do it every year hence.

We used Kool-Aid for the dye, and while the colors didn’t turn out super vibrant, the eggs definitely smelled pleasant. Megan loved it. I decided we would only dye 6 eggs since they will likely be wasted, and Megan asked me a couple of times if next year we could dye “6 plus 6 eggs” or “6 times 2 eggs”. Guess we’ll do a full dozen next time. Anyway, she loved it, and she’s already looking forward to doing it again next year.

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