Easter Morn


Easter Morning, the girls woke up to find a jellybean trail leading to their Easter baskets.

Meg and Jane LOVED their baskets. The Easter Bunny succeeded big time.

After the girls played with some of their new Easter goodies, we got them dressed in their beautiful new dresses and headed out to church. We attended Adam’s parent’s sacrament first during which our new little nephew was blessed. Afterwards, we headed back to my mom’s sacrament where she gave a wonderful talk about the atonement.

After church we stopped by the cemetery to visit our little Jack. I plan on writing another post about that. We then had an Easter feast at Adam’s parent’s house.

We had a wonderful Easter, with many special spiritual moments; all tying back to the birth and death of our Savior and how His atoning sacrifice applies to our little family.


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  1. Love the girl’s dresses. They are so cute. Your family is so good looking! I love the picture of the baskets. The Easter Bunny did well. I love Easter. I am so grateful for the Atonement. It was a great Easter. I am glad you were in Vegas with us!

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