Easter Visitations.


Adam teaches a Saturday lecture at Utah Valley University (UVU). One day I really should write a post about all the positive reviews Professor Johanson ALWAYS gets from his students, but today is not that day (seriously, he is an AWESOME professor.) Anyway, we had plans to head to Vegas for Easter weekend, but we couldn’t leave until Adam finished his lecture. So we headed out later than we normally would. Also, because I have such bad back issues, I decided I would pop a couple Lortabs as we were running out the door. Bad idea. The medication made me so nauseous, we had to stop several times because I thought I would be physically sick.

So one place we ended up stopping was Mesquite, Nevada. We probably wouldn’t have stopped there otherwise, since we were late getting out and our girls were anxious to arrive at our destination, but I am so glad we ended up stopping there. We were able to visit my dad’s gravesite, which is always wonderful, but was especially appropriate this Easter weekend. Megan really enjoyed “visiting” Grandpa Marshall, and it was a sweet way to usher in Easter Sunday.

On Easter Sunday, we visited Baby Jack’s gravesite. Megan was so sweet, she wanted to bring him all sorts of Easter gifts and treats. Both girls enjoy every trip we make to see Jack.

Jane exploring the cemetery.

Megan always has a special interest in the birth and death dates of the children buried in the “Garden of Innocence” with Jack. She is so sweet and loving about it; she has such a tender heart.

Easter is such a special celebration for our family. Our Savior died and then lived again and we will all do the same. And when that day comes, we will be with our Jack again and my dad again!


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