Spring Break Swimming


We were in Vegas for the start of Spring Break, and we were able to go swimming in Adam’s parent’s pool. The weather was nice and warm outside, and Adam’s parents heated the pool so the water temperature was wonderful. We brought along our niece Jamison, and Megan, Jamison and Jane had a WONDERFUL time swimming.

Jamison didn’t even need her life jacket, and she was a total fish in the water. Megan was more daring than she had ever been before; spending sometime under the water as well as jumping in over and over and over again. She even let her daddy throw her in a few times (a first!) Megan loved when Grandpa Johanson got home from work and ran in and jumped into the water.

Jane LOVED the water and kept her daddy busy by fickle-ly flitting between the hot tub and the swimming pool.

After hours and hours of swimming, a tired and hungry Jane started doing the sign for “milk.” I stripped off her swimsuit and was preparing to take her inside when she ran back to the hot tub and got in again. You can see the torn look on her face as she is continuing to sign “milk”, but also wants to keep swimming: now in the nude!

All three girls (and Adam, Grandpa, and myself) had a GREAT time swimming. It was the perfect start to Spring Break. Thank you for having us Grandma and Grandpa!!!


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  1. I can’t think of how many times I’ve seen my kids on other people’s blogs. It’s a little cool. Thanks for that. Megan and Jane are so cute in the water. Happy Spring!

  2. WHOA! Swimming already? That sounds heavenly!! What a FUN break!!
    and the jane story and picture is toooooo cute!! oh to be torn between playing in the sun and eating- the rough life of a toddler. 🙂

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