It’s Been a Month?!


Wow, a whole month since I’ve updated.  One might get the idea that we are busy or something.  Welp, you’re right.

This little cutie turned 16 months old.

Look at her all sprawled out on our bed like she owns the place.  Oh wait, she does own the place.

Jane is something else.  She is hilarious.  She has so much personality.  She cracks me up.  She is talking a lot these days.

Jane LOVES Sesame Street.  Especially Elmo.  What child doesn’t love Elmo?  Oh, I know, those children who aren’t exposed to Elmo.  What a tragedy!!!  Jane’s obsession with Elmo is so fun. She can say “Elmo” and “Big Bird” and “Bert” and “Ernie” and she makes a grumbling noise which represents Cookie Monster.  I think the funniest one she does though is the character Count.  She does his little hesitated laugh: “Ah. Ah. Ah.” It is hilarious!  She also says “mom” but not all sweetlike, but more like an annoyed teenager: “MOOOOOOOOOOOM!”  She can say dad, more, all-done, uh-oh, dog, kitty, bye, hi, pop (as in popcorn), hello, drink, up, no, and “uh-huh”.  She says “ish” for shoes, and she wants her shoes on 24-7.  Probably because I don’t let her go outside without shoes, and she always wants to go outside.  She is too much.

Jane’s working on her next batch of teeth – I think she us up to 14 now, or at least almost 14.  She still does not like food.  So sad.  I really question whether or not my children are really my children because they don’t like food and I love food.  What is wrong with them?  Food is awesome.  She does like strawberries though.  And Jello.  But not strawberry Jello.  Just kidding. She does like strawberry Jello.  Tricked ya.

Megan is almost finished with Kindergarten.  Be still my heart.  Seriously.  I keep asking her to please not start First Grade in the Fall, but she tells me, “Jesus wants me to go to First Grade.”  And I just can’t argue with that.  So I don’t.  Mostly.  I’ve also asked her to turn five again next month instead of turning 6, but same thing: “Jesus wants me to grow up.”  Which is followed by, “don’t worry mom, I’ll still love you when I’m big.  Even if you’re in Heaven.”

Since we started evaluations for Megan in January, she has now received three separate diagnosis, which are all related to each other.  So she’s got Aspergers, and also what is called a Pragmatic Speech Impairment, as well as a Sensory Integration Disorder.  So we’ve got lists and lists of interventions we need to be practicing at home, and she regularly attends behavioral, occupational, and speech therapy.  Overwhelming is a gross understatement, but she’s doing great.

She’s still our little smartie pants.  She is currently determined to learn the names and locations of EVERY country in the world, and she’s very interested in the value of money and how monetary exchange works.  Mathematics continues to come oh-so-easily to her and recently she has taken to division.  She is enrolled in a Chinese Immersion Program for first grade, and she is totally stoked about that.  She is LOVING piano lessons.  She pulls out her music books on her own each day to practice.  We never have to remind her.  She also adds lyrics to all the practice songs that are just notes.  I am not sure how her teacher feels about that…but her music books are FILLED with her own notes and lyrics.  It’s wonderful to see her eating it up like this.

Adam has wrapped up another year of teaching at UVU, and will take a break from that for the Spring/Summer.  He received such good evaluations from his student this past semester.  He is a wonderful teacher.  I love that he gets to teach at UVU, but I also love that we get to have him home again on Saturdays! Yay!

We are so excited for school to be out and for Summer to arrive.  This upcoming Monday we are having a “calendering” FHE where we schedule out the days of Summer.  Can’t wait to fill the dates with trips to Seven Peaks and all sorts of Summer activities!  We are also so THRILLED for Adam’s sister Carrie who is getting married to James in the Timpanogos Temple on June 16th!  Adam and I REALLY like James.  We can’t wait!!!  

I am going to work on going through some pictures now so I can get some new posts up.  I hope there are at least a few of you who are looking forward to some updates!


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  1. Seriously… WHY do we have to live a thousand or so miles apart??? Samuel loves his Elmo and his shoes and going outside. And William would LOVE, and I mean L_O_V_E to have a friend to play with who is as interested in the countries of the world as he is. I am so excited that Megan gets to be in the Chinese immersion program. What a perfect fit for an amazing little girl!

    Also, how is Jane so grown up already? She is so precious.

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