In April, Megan came home with a note from school that April 23-28th was no TV week.  Now, Megan doesn’t really watch a lot of television (especially not compared to her mom and dad) so I didn’t think she would take much interest in “No TV Week”.  But on the morning of the 23rd, I came downstairs to find that she had taped a sign to the TV that read “NO TV THIS WEEK.”  And she didn’t watch TV ONCE the whole week.  Or play Wii, or play XBOX.  She was pretty determined.

I tried to fill her week with some unique activities just to accentuate “NO TV” and I think she had some pretty memorable experiences.

She and her dad worked on this thing called “Snap Circuits” which Megan and I bought Adam for Christmas.   So you follow directions to put all different pieces together on a circuit board to create different things like lights, fans, alarms, etc.

The two of them had such a great time working on the different projects.  It was the PERFECT activity for them.  They spent hours working on it, and there are still plenty more projects to be done!

We also hiked up to “Y Mountain” for the first time as a family.  In fact, this was only my second time.  The first time I hiked to the Y was with Adam before his mission.  If was fun to go up there again together; this time with our girls.

Megan was our guide:

Oh to be young…she basically ran the entire way up the trail, which can get pretty steep at times…

“Mom!  I’m the ‘Y’!!!!”

Jane wanted to “SLIDE” the entire way down the mountain.

Mostly Jane just wanted to stop and play in the dirt.  Here’s Daddy giving her a little pep talk. “We’re almost there!” The girls taking a little rest (for mom and dad’s sake…)

“Mom!  There’s the temple!”

Megan at the top of the Y:

Jane at the top:

The girls and I at the end of the hike.  I was more worn out than the children!

We did lots of other activities during “No TV Week”, but hiking the “Y” was by far the most memorable for Megan.  To this day she still looks up at the Y on the mountain and talks about our trip up there.  It was a totally fun experience!

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