Field Day


May 17th was “Field Day” at Megan’s school.  I have fond memories of field day as a child, so I was excited for Megan.  She had such a great time.

When I arrived, Megan was playing four square. Sometimes she waited patiently for the ball to come to her…

But most of the time, she waited for her turn while dancing around!

More dance moves.

Turns out, when the ball does come to her, she’s actually pretty awesome at four square.

Jane had an awesome time running around Megan’s playground. She LOVES her big sister.

There was a sidewalk chalk station. Jane wanted to do everything Megan was doing.

Megan only got to the do the slip-in-slide twice.  The first time, she ran the entire length without sliding. I thought for sure we were going to end up in the ER!

The second time she slid on her knees. She loved it!

Unfortunately, the kindergartners didn’t get to enjoy too much water play because there were so many other children and they only attend half-day.  So after field day, we met up with some friends at the splash pad in Spanish Fork, and they had a blast playing in the water some more.

Jnae had zero qualms about getting wet. She loves the water.

Megan had a great time at the splash pad. She is going to have so much fun this Summer!

A lot of the reason I blog these days is because Megan loves to go back and read when I post about what we have done.  I also love being able to share pictures of my adorable girls and what they are up to.  We have so much fun all day every day.  We are only one week in, but we are LOVING Summer already! In fact, it is well after 9 in the morning, and both girls are still asleep!  Better get some more blogs posted while I can!!!

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  1. I love Jane’s Mary Jane croc shoes! We have some and they are the best shoes ever for little girls. I got mine when my 9 year old was a baby and I haven’t seen them in a store since. My 2 year old is now wearing them. (Sorry it just made me happy and I had to mention it!)

    And yep, you have cute girls!

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