Megan’s First Piano Recital


Megan has been taking piano lessons for exactly two months now.  She LOVES it, and LOVES to practice.  On May 26th, she had her very first piano recital.  Grandma and Grandpa Johanson were in town so they were also able to attend.  Megan chose a very simple song, and she did GREAT.  She was by far the youngest and littlest performer there (not to mention the cutest!)

All ready to head out to the recital.

At the recital hall. She was so excited!

In the middle of her performance. How cute is she?

Her bow at the end. So cute.

Megan is sure growing up on us, but each new stage of her life is so fun and so wonderful.  Have I mentioned that I am just absolutely crazy about this girl?  Her next recital is in the Fall.  I am looking forward to seeing the progress she has made.  I am sure she will continue to excel!  Love this girl!

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