Our Graduate


Megan in the beginning of the school year.

All ready to head out on her LAST day of kindergarten.

The school year is officially over!!  What a year it has been!  On May 24th, Megan graduated from Kindergarten.

Showing off her “diploma.”

 Megan’s graduation day festivities included: the class performing all the songs they learned about “colors”, a slide show of various class activities, a performance of the class talent for the school-wide talent show (as well as a few individual talents), the handing out of diplomas, and lots of yummy food.

Singing the “colors” songs.

A picture of Megan during the slide-show.

The class talent. One student laid on the ground with just their legs showing, while another student sat on top and pretended that theirs were the legs of the child on the ground. It was very cute and very funny.

Megan took her role as the “legs” very seriously.

A video of the class talent:

Megan performing her talent. She sang “The Fifty States that Rhyme.”

Megan also performed her song for the school-wide talent show (she was the only Kindergartener who did a solo act!) Her is a clip of her performing for the parents at the graduation party:

My cute Megan waiting to receive her diploma.

Shaking her teacher’s hand and receiving her diploma.

Jane was there, too. But she did NOT graduate! She is still my baby!

 Megan’s kindergarten experience was filled with ups and downs.  Academically, she excelled: no problem.  She was the most advanced reader in her class, and was five reading levels ahead of the next child.  There were never any struggles when it came to learning.  She ate up all the new information and loved it.  Socially, she struggled.  Emotionally, she struggled.  Behaviorally, she struggled.  But she made leaps and bounds of improvement in ALL those areas.

When we met Megan’s teacher for the first time, I was sure she wasn’t going to be a good fit.  Honestly, I am not sure what I was expecting, and I was so apprehensive about Megan going to school that I don’t think I could have designed a teacher that I could have deemed good enough for her.  But Mrs. Lee was perfect for Megan in so many different ways. She was the perfect balance of patience, discipline, compassion, kindness, and intelligence.  She never got frustrated with Megan.  She was never mean to her or overly strict.  Not one other student in Megan’s class behaved the way Megan did and Mrs. Lee treated her just the way she needed to be treated.  And honestly, I don’t think Mrs. Lee had a clue beforehand what to do with Megan.  She was just ultra sensitive to her needs, and she was ALWAYS communicating with me.  I am sad that Mrs. Lee can’t move on to first grade with Megan.  I am terrified that she has raised the bar too high for any teachers to come.  I could not have asked for a better teacher to initiate Megan into the classroom setting.

Megan and Mrs. Lee

Adam and I are so proud of Megan and her kindergarten accomplishments.  It wasn’t easy for her.  She is different than EVERY other student in her class, but she hung in there and did her very best.  We are anxious and excited to see how she does in first grade this fall.  First grade??!?  NO!!!! 🙂

Daddy and his graduate

I love this girl so much!!!!

We had a gift waiting for Megan when we arrived home for the graduation festivities:

Graduated from Kindergarten…off to see the “world!”

We love you Megan!!  We couldn’t be more proud!!!

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  1. awwww, this filled my eyes with tears! she is soooooo awesome! so sweet. her graduation knocks the socks off of ours!! LOVE that diploma!! her teacher sounds amazing. i always want my kids’ teachers to move up with them!! it is hard letting go and reconnecting with a new teacher every year!!
    and can i just say, before i read i saw that first picture of the girl and Megan’s legs underneath her and I was thinking “Uh, something’s not right there.” HA! too funny.

    Have a great summer!

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