Carrie and James: Sealed For All Eternity


Adam’s sister Carrie was married on June 16th in the Mount Timpanogos LDS Temple.

It was a wonderful day.  Nothing I could write or say could do the day justice.  So I’ll just keep it short and sweet.

Megan had a terrible stomach flu, starting the night before (when she got sick all over the table at the rehearsal dinner.)

She did NOT feel well at the temple and the entire day…but mostly at the temple.

Jane, on the other hand, had a WONDERFUL time at the temple and the reception.

Carrie looked BEAUTIFUL.  And RADIANT.  She has gone through so much heartaches and so many trials to get to the day.  She just glowed with joy and happiness and serenity.

Adam and I REALLY like James.  We welcome him WHOLE-HEARTEDLY into the family.

For as sick as she was, Megan was still SO HAPPY and EXCITED for her Aunt Carrie.  She rushed to the couple as soon as they exited the temple, and was the first to congradulate them.


Adam was so happy for his sister.  I found myself getting grumpy and frustrated with sick Megan, but Adam would let nothing mar the happiness he felt for his sister, Carrie.  His attitude helped me stay focused on how truly wonderful the occasion was.  By the reception, I found myself just downright giddy for Carrie and James.

Megan perked up quite a bit for the evening festivities.  She still felt pretty awful, but she tried so hard to hang in there.  This picture tears at my heartstrings because she is trying to smile although she just wants to rest.  I love that girl.

Like I said, no words could do the day justice.  The ceremony in the temple was beautiful.  I am just so happy for Carrie and for James.  James is such a lucky man.  Carrie is WONDERFUL.  We are so excited and anxious for what the future holds for these two.



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